After being awarded by the Government of India through the INSPIRE Scholarship for being in the top 1% board students (ISC board) in Science stream in India, he had taken a path less travelled by student from his stream: Liberal Arts. With a deep interest in earth sciences, with a knack for Volcanology and earthquakes, Divas is a 2nd Year Student of Ashoka University, a premier liberal arts university of the country. Having tried to explore the endless possibilities of college life, he has been working on Remote Sensing and GIS-based projects including one on Majuli, details of which shall be heard from him in his session. He is also designing an experiment to study the entropy of basic polymer systems. He was also awarded the GeoTenerife scholarship, a coveted scholarship program offered to only two students worldwide every year for carrying out research work in the Canary Islands, Spain in the field of Volcanology.

His life goes beyond his academic pursuits to touch his passion for cricket and travelling. He would be happy to answer your questions about Liberal Arts, Research in the field of Science and life at Ashoka.