Our Mission

Project Saathi started with a small thought that each student comes across in his life at some point of time: “Why would access to education be different for different layers of society?”, “Why would a student from a Government School be devoid of all opportunities of growth and development that his peer in a private school be entitled to?” and “Why not education be more holistically and inclusively provided to all across socio-economic boundaries?”

We delved further into these questions and found two key components that made the difference: access to opportunities and mentorship. That is where we strive to intervene each day.

Our vision is to reach out to every student, irrespective of their background, and provide the best opportunities and mentorship from our end. In order to achieve this vision, we have charted out a few aims and objectives on which our organisation runs:

  1. To improve the access to education in the most holistic manner to all;

  2. To collaborate with government and government-aided institutions to conduct Capacity Building Workshops on various curricular and co-curricular topics;

  3. To conduct empirical field based research in the field of education and provide policymakers with policy inputs to improve the system of education;

  4. To provide a platform for students to find their mentors across fields of specialization for the right guidance.