Our Motto

Just like any other organisation, we too have a story behind why we chose “Saathi: Mentor for Life” as our motto. Ever since we have been in schools, we have realised how much a mentor plays a role in our overall development; be it a senior we look upto, our favourite teacher, parent, sibling or anybody whose words of advice make a difference in our lives. Often not everybody is blessed to find the right mentor for themselves due to various constraints beyond the control of an individual.

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I am so impressed by Project Saathi. It has infused new vigour into the minds of so many school students in Assam. It is a pleasure being a part of this initiative. I am very excited to see what the future holds for them. They definitely deserve more support from people.

Amrita Raja

Patron and Mentor,

Project Saathi.

Project Saathi is a collective endeavour by a group of social enthusiasts who wish to help each and every student find the right mentor. Our major grassroot operations keep in mind to reach to every student possible and make an impact in their minds.

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