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A Letter to the HRD Minister

Date: May 1, 2020


The Ministry of Human Resources Development

(Formerly known as Ministry of Education)

Respected Sir,

I am an ordinary student studying in a government school, and one amongst those lakhs of students who has been partially benefited by the Right to Education Act 2009. I say "partially benefited" because I find myself incapable of dealing with my future and my career, along with thousands of other students.

The Right to Education Act 2009 has made education a Fundamental Right, making it accessible to lakhs of children across this widespread country. The immediate effect is a jump in the literacy rate of our country, which according to a Department of Literacy statement states, shall reach 100% within the next five years. Yet, neither can congratulate you over this effort, nor can I wish you good luck.

"Right to Education" is a Fundamental Right, not "Right to Quality Education". This Act was meant to provide education to those beyond the reach of the malicious clutches of greedy educational institutions. Providing free education and imparting useful knowledge was the motive to kickstart rapid progress in our country's growth. I must regretfully say none of that is happening in maximum of our government schools across this country.

Lack of proper educational facilities and qualified, charismatic teachers is just a blur overview of this educational crisis at hand. The maintenance of schools is poor, and the environment is not suitable for enhanced learning. Thousands of aspiring students fail to reach their goals which they had set for themselves, just because what they are getting is simply not enough.

I don't mean to say that these schools are inefficient and totally useless. But, we must keep this in mind, that as long as government schools are unable to compete with private institutions, society will be bent to pay imaginary numbers just to see the upcoming generation study well and prosper in their career. Students passing out of government schools often find themselves in deep waters, with no boats to help them cross the vast ocean of life and take control of their futures.

Education has no utility as long as it is applied in our lives in some way or the other, for productive purposes. Right to Education is pointless as long as students aren't able to comprehend what they are incompletely or blatantly taught. Better facilities, enhanced training of underqualified teachers and creating a better environment for students to grab lessons is the need of the hour, so that aspiring students like me, and a thousand others can influence others to carry on what we started.

Today if I am unable to write a letter on my own to send it to you, it is because of the poor learning that has imparted to me. Amidst this crisis, there are various examples we can learn from like Delhi Government School, which has been rated as one of India's best schools.

Right To Education is pointless as long as students don't get their Right to Quality Education. I hope that you will pay heed to my requests and act accordingly for the bright future of our students now and for the upcoming ones as well.

Yours sincerely,

Sunny Gogoi,

Sanskriti The Gurukul,

Writing on behalf of,

Shagun Bhagwat,

Guwahati Public School.

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