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I only want to LEARN

-Ruchika Bhuyan*


At class, 

I exasperated my teacher

On asking a question. 

He said, 

“Focus on what’s important. 

Don’t ask me imbecile questions.”

Isn’t my education important? 

Isn’t answering my query important? 

Perhaps, I must be mistaken. 

Completing the syllabus is important. 

Scoring a hundred on a paper is important. 

We’re supposed to learn

As we sit on benches, 

Glaring at the pages of a book

And concurrently gulping down the teacher’s words 

Down our throats,

All the way to heart,

Till they, in amalgamation with structured sentences on those pages, 

Rush in our veins like haemoglobin in the blood. 

We’re supposed to learn

As we sacrifice slumber

Chanting dates and events from the days long past, 

Incanting equations and bonds

Not of life, but from the elements of a table

More significant than virtues and morales.

We’re supposed to learn this way

But are we? 

Are we learning while innumerable questions revolve around our heads, never to be answered? 

Are we learning as we swallow in the contents on pages and nauseate them on papers that get us jobs? 

Are we learning as our brains have been objectified to boxes to dumped and brimmed with mullock? 

Am I learning as I am huddled up in a corner of my room, 

In a position portraying attacks of panic, fear, and despair? 

Am I learning as I weep in the middle of the night because my brain repudiated to memorise a chapter? 

Am I learning when in the exam hall, my heart pounds, my temple breaks into beads of sweat, dreadful: 

One wrong word. 

One missed line. 

One mark less. 

A future lost. 

Are we learning? 


At class, 

I exasperated my teacher

On asking a question. 

I only wanted to learn.

*Ruchika is a 10th standard student at Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati. She is a writer in making and contributes regularly to the Saathi Blog.

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