Our Motto:

Saathi: Mentor for Life.

We are a collective of young social enthusiasts working in the field of education sector in Assam to improve access to education in society.

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Our Mission

With a vision of impacting the lives of many young students by providing the right mentorship and guidance, we work with certain definite aims and objectives to achieve our goal. Knowing the power of Education as an agent of Social Change, we aim at building a better society by making education as a wholesome product more accessible to all.

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Our Initiative

Project Saathi has undertaken various initiatives since its inception. We shall take up through our interventions made into the system and the impact of the same received. With 6 active Divisions working on each initiative, we have catered to students across social and economic backgrounds and thrive for more impactful initiatives.

Parichay: capacity building workshops


Project Saathi endeavours to collaborate with Government Schools of Assam, wherein Capacity Building Workshops are organised to reach out to the less privileged students and providing them with the right mentorship. This vertical believes in imparting a holistic approach to education in Government Schools.

Research and EXTENSION



Project Saathi believes in conducting empirical field research on various aspects of education and providing policymakers with the right research and analysis on policy matters. The Research outcome is published by the Research Division of the organisation.

Saathi: mentor for life


In pursuance with the goal of reaching out to every student, this organisation runs this initiative wherein a mentor is assigned to a student based on their common interests and academic backgrounds. Please click here to see the list of mentors associated with Project Saathi.

Online collaborations


The organisation collaborates with its counterparts working on similar areas to achieve a common set of goals. Online mentorship sessions, awareness drives and fundraising initiatives are undertaken with the aid of social media platforms to reach out to more and more beneficiaries.

Our Impact

Project Saathi has two ongoing research initiatives and three more Capacity Building Workshops planned for FY 2020-21. Since its operation started in January 2020, the organisation has been able to reach out to hundred and fifty students through its initiatives with an expanding volunteer force of over twenty five people.

The organisation strives to reach out to over 1000 students across socio-economic boundaries and provide the right mentorship for them to grow.

This organisation has sensitised the youth from across institutions in Guwahati and Northeast to contribute in whichever way possible for reforming the system which continues to shape their lives. With its motto of providing mentorship, it has created a movement in the region by making various individuals realise about their calibre and potential through which they could change lives at different levels.


students impacted


Through our Capacity Building Workshops, SAATHI Mentorship Programme and Online Sessions, we keep endeavouring to reach out to more and more lives.


volunteers engaged currently

Volunteers are the bedrock of this organisation. They have been working on various projects to facilitate the organisation.


initiatives completed this year


We have more Capacity Building Workshops, research projects and many more online collaborations in line for the current year.

Our Patrons

As our inspiration and guiding force, Patrons serve as the advisors to this organisation and provide us with the right direction to implement our projects to achieving our goal. With diverse backgrounds, they help us make our programmes more and more inclusive.

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Testimonial 2020

I think one of the greatest hopes I have (in this sector) is Project Saathi because I find that you are students who have come together and the young generation is taken this up and dared to believe that we need a change.

Ms. Geeta Dharmarajan, Padmashree Awardee & Founder, Katha 

Our Team

The Team of Project Saathi is an extremely talented and hardworking collective of people who wish to make an effort to see a change that they can live with.

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Get Involved

If you wish to support our cause, we have three avenues through which you could support the organisation. If you are willing to guide a student from any part of the world, we are there. If you wish to work with us on our Capacity Building Workshops and Research Projects, sign up as a volunteer. We would be more than happy to have your donation which will be used in realising our vision through our set aims and objectives.

be a part of our mentor team


We welcome individuals from different walks of life and career paths to associate themselves with Project Saathi as a part of the Mentor Team. Click here to see our current Mentor Circuit.

Volunteer opportunities


We are constantly looking for socially motivated individuals who wish to volunteer with us in various ongoing and future programmes.

Make a Donation



We welcome any monetary sum that you may deem fit to provide which shall be put to use in various initiatives by us.